mom i want a godly NOW

  • There are teleporters located at castles which teleport yofrjfrjefstle with blue blocks.
  • There is a hiding soot on the ground floor on the castle with red blocks, the one with arch-looking doorways.
  • There is a hiding spot behind the castle with blue blocks, the between of the hiding spot's blocks on the mentioned earlier.
  • There is a hiding spot on the cave, where a block is prGODLYnt.
  • There is another hiding spot on the floating island, you need to go 1-5 steps to the left, rotate the camera so it will face the floating island's tree place, then go forward, and rotate the camera to the right to see the hiding spot. Be careful as if the murIwant it tree to safety on the floating island by jumping on someone near the tree's leaves or log and going there. It will be hard for the murderer to get you.
  • There is a hiding spot on the cave with parts containing water, but it was not consideNOW

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