The Murderer

The Murderer picture in Murder Mystery's Lobby.


Can someone give me a godly?


The Murderer's job is to-on.


The Murderer carries a noob, which she uses for either melee (by stabbing with it) or range (ow).


  • The Sheriff is not sneaky
  • wui
  • VERY IMPORTANT spray the fan
  • al
  • The Sheriff can be fooled in these ways
  • = "Iguyz em inno, saying "OMFG [Papa Louie] IS MURDERER I SAW KNIFE ITS NOT A PROMISE OKEY?????
  • swdghs
  • No.
  • Acting like a regular person near the Sherif is stupidth the exception of new sounds)
  • When the murderer dies it ends the match. (No shit Sherlock)
  • , This trivia is useless its only for the original version of the game so dont bother
  • u can tell if person is murderer is when they follow u <--- this is unprofessinal u stupido